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We Won!

Thank you, everyone, who helped our campaign—including you, the voters.

The words 'thank you' written with black plastic marquee letters, placed with loose arrangement on a white cotton sheet with some decorative foliage placed near the letters (photo by Vie Studio)

Congratulations, Pat, Gina Marie, and Tina! Thank you to all the heroic volunteers who helped from Josephine County, throughout Oregon, and across the nation! And, thank you to everyone who voted. The freedom to read prevailed!

Position 3
Candidate Votes Percent
Pat Fahey 4,877 60.05%
Paul Schaafsma 3,233 39.81%
Write-in 12 0.15%
Position 4
Candidate Votes Percent
Gina Marie Agosta 4,151 51.40%
Heidi Napier 3,907 48.38%
Write-in 18 0.22%
Position 5
Candidate Votes Percent
Mike Pelfry 3,607 44.91%
Tina Gotchall 4,396 54.73%
Write-in 29 0.36%