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Library Story Like No Other

Providing free, equitable access to information, in a safe space for people and ideas to come together.

Brown duotone illustration collage of Albert Einstein riding a bike through space, the Jetsons cartoon family in their space ship, and an SUV driving beneath a banner that reads ‘it’s the bearfest ’04’ (photo by Mark Wyner)

The Josephine Community Library was founded in 1914. Since then, this community has repeatedly affirmed the importance and value of our public library system. Read more about the library’s history. Regardless of national political rhetoric, taglines, or sales pitches, any attack on our local community library is manufactured outrage and a short-sighted power play. The library’s mission is steadfast: Provide access to resources, technology, and information for early literacy and lifelong learning.

The Library District is supported by a permanent tax rate of 39 cents per $1,000 of assessed property value for property owners within the district. Voters approved Measure 17-79 on May 16, 2017. The district serves approximately 44,000 residents in four noncontiguous areas surrounding branch libraries in Grants Pass, Illinois Valley, Williams, and Wolf Creek, along with additional properties which have been approved for annexation into the district. Learn more about the library district.

Libraries are the great equalizer. There is no greater opportunity for families to build literacy than the public library, where more materials are available for everyone, free. We are fortunate indeed to have an open library system, and we are even more fortunate to live in a community that continues to support it.

—Brady Adams, Grants Pass Daily Courier, 2012

We believe the purpose of a public library is to provide free, equitable access to information. Reading is fundamental to being human, and libraries provide a window to the world.

As a center for information in our community, the Josephine Community Library is a safe space for people and ideas to come together. The library offers whole-family programming that includes:

The library is a community center. Everybody is welcome, as long as everybody follows the conduct policy.